Session Tribute


If time permits after booking, I like to offer a brief  phone call prior to our session so we can get to know each other. 

Please advise me if this is of interest when making your booking.

Get to know yourMistress

Would you like the pleasure to get to know me personally out of session? 

Perhaps find a way straight to my heart by taking me on a dinner date. Beautiful food absolutely feeds my soul..


Otherwise if treating Mistress to new shoes, lingerie or whatever makes that little mind of yours race... a shopping date may be of preference...


I would be happy to have you slip my beautiful feet into some beautiful new shoes (hopefully the shop attendant won't catch you caressing them as you do!) 

Please email to enquire about these options.

You may also enquire about adding social options to your session.


Dinner/ Social Date starting from $500.

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