Contact Yours Truly.

Before applying please take your time to read through my site and watch any videos that I may post so you can get to know me and see some of the many facets that I possess as a Dominatrix.


Keeping up with my social media and Instagram stories is also a great way to really see what I'm about, and it enables you to ask me questions when I am doing live streams. (Don't forget to turn on notifications so you know when I'm going live.)

Feel free to ask any appropriate questions that may not have been answered in my site and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Mistress Adara xx

I would like to get to know You.

 When making your application please answer the questions that I ask of you. 

I would like to know that you take My time, and your own seriously.

 If you are unable to complete this application properly, I will take it as a clear sign that you will not be able to co-operate in session, and I will exercise my right to not to respond. 

First impressions ARE Important...


If you are unable to provide references this won't be a problem.

All I will need is a valid form of government identity. Happy to delete after the session.

 BDSM, amongst other things, is about trust and safety.

 If you are not able to trust me before a session or to make sure I am at ease about our meeting/ have respect for my safety we will not make a good match.

Please answer all the below questions in the box below, take your time with this as these questions are important for me to know about you.

If you would like to add anything else that may assist me to learn more about you, please go ahead.

  • Your interests around BDSM and sessions (Including Any Fetishes)

  • Your hard limits.

  • Your soft limits.

  • Do you have any injuries or limitations that I should know about.

  • How do you like to feel in your sessions.

  • What form of domination are you into:


Mostly gentle with the odd moment of cruelty

Mostly cruel with the odd moment of kindness 

Pure cruelty and sadism

  • Which of these do you identify with the most:







             Other: Please advise



Thank you for submitting!

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