Alison & Adara.

Brave enough to take on these two tall, talented Mistresses?  Both over 6’4” in  heels, these stunning dominatrix’s will tower over you and take you through an incredible journey of domination and submission.


Having worked together from day dot, Mistress Adara & Mistress Alison are an amazing duo that have an astonishing connection between them that leaves them totally synchronized and attuned to each other. They finish off each other’s sentences as they interweave their play and admonish their slaves.  Their inter-play is incredible and they are every subs dream (or nightmare!). Together these incredibly intuitive Mistresses are totally focused on their subject’s pleasure or pain, whatever your desire and of course for their own delight!


Both beautiful and alluring, these two terrific (and at times terrifying) dommes, work together to torment, humiliate and punish their slaves to their satisfaction. Equally happy trampling, ball busting, humiliating, using their strapons or dishing out punishments, this dynamic duo are very versatile and create an incredible experience tailored to their subs needs.


Whether they be playful, demanding or cruel, Mistress Alison and Mistress Adara are experts in the psychology of BDSM and they will take you through a journey that can test your mind, body or soul. Be they latex clad dominatrix’s, a strict secretary or boss or strong dominant personal trainers, this duo will create the perfect experience just for you. With these two temptresses, it will be an experience that will stay with you for a very long time! 


So you may ask, who is meaner and crueller? Smart advice is not to push these two demanding Mistresses to find out, unless you are ready for the hell they can unleash!  Of course they both respect limits but will stretch limits with experienced players.  



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