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Mistress Adara.


As you feel yourself being absorbed into My dark, penetrating eyes, you realise that this devious and powerful creature has entered your soul.  My commanding voice, in turn instructing and sardonic, will hook your insides and tear the very core from you.  you cannot resist, as I, bewitching and beautiful loom over you and toy with your head, preparing to consume your body and mind.  From intense psychological play and humiliation to extreme cock & ball busting, I will smile sweetly, disarming you, as I demand your deference to My administrations and admonishments.


Cunning and highly intuitive, your obedience will be tested and probed by me and I will penetrate deep into your mind to challenge your very existence and keep you guessing what will come next. Naturally dominant, I will skilfully discover what you crave, be it severe physical punishment, humiliation or even sensual tease and denial.   


I am an expert in conducting roleplays and will fulfil your every fantasy, whether you are a naughty boy or girl, a disobedient slave or anything else your devious mind can conjure up.  I am a powerful and sadistic Mistress  who definitely enjoys tormenting Her slave’s body, be it electro play, cock & ball torture, sounding, corporal punishment or trampling over your soft and vulnerable skin.  I am skilled with the cane and other implements and can punish errant boys and girls until they repent their ways.  


If it’s humiliation that you crave, I love nothing better than forcing My slaves to suck cock or having their hungry asses taken and pegged.  Or I will satisfy with an array of other devious physical or verbal humiliations that will either break you or leave you begging for more. I can reduce even the strongest of subjects to tears through my mocking and verbal ministrations.  


I respect limits and see people of all sexual persuasions and kinks including woman and couples.  I am also available for mischievous double domination sessions with the talented Mistress Alison, if you dare!


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